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3 Reason Shelf Ready Packaging is the Better Option

09/19/17 at 11:10 AM

Shelf Ready, Retail Ready, Display Ready, Shopper Ready, whatever you call it, this packaging is effective! Why is it so effective?

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4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Club Store Display Tray

04/19/17 at 04:15 PM
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Say It With a Customized Beer Tray

04/10/17 at 01:33 PM

Branding opportunities are everywhere and they can be costly. One of the simplest and most affordable branding opportunities are beer can trays. Smart marketers know that you can utilize this space at a low cost for a high visibility return. DeLine Box offers several stock sizes of beer can trays. We make the process simple. Send us your artwork and we do the rest! Call us today so you don't miss a branding opportunity.  

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Project Spotlight:Blue Kudu

02/15/17 at 02:44 AM

We were approached by the great people at Blue Kudu to develop a package for their THC-infused dark chocolate. We were excited to work with an emerging brand in the marijuana industry. Blue Kudu has placed an emphasis on branding their products for in-store shelf appeal.  This is a smart move on their part. Branding is critical in any industry and the landscape is wide open in the marijuana industry. 

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3 Consumer Catching Packaging Components

01/10/17 at 02:50 AM

Research has shown that consumers spend on average 27 seconds making a decision in the shopping isle. This makes shelf appeal top priority. Consumers gravitate toward what is perceived to be a premium product. What communicates the message of whether a product is considered premium? A premium package is the communicator! Consumers want to be wowed with graphics, educated by the story and assured of ease of use by design. Let's take a look at the 3 consumer catching compenents of a premium package.

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Short Run Custom Packaging on Demand

11/29/16 at 10:19 AM

We are excited to announce that we now offer Short Run Custom Packaging! Our technology is ideal for customers who don't want to invest in plates and are limited by space or seasonality that doesn't  justify warehousing thousands of boxes. 

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High-End Products Need High-End Packaging That Doesn't Break the Bank

10/25/16 at 10:44 AM

Corrugated packaging can get a bad wrap sometimes. At first blush, the assumption can be that it doesn't represent high-end products well. This is a great example that this line of thinking is all wrong. We were approached by the great people at Amphora to develop a package that reflects the luxury of their alkaline water.  Amphora wanted a sustainable, streamlined and affordable package to build their brand with the end user. The results were fabulous. If you are wanting to redesign your packaging contact us today! For more on Amphora Click Here. 

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Project Spotlight: Best Damn Box

08/05/16 at 02:40 PM

DeLine Box is known for it's high-end graphic work, but we are also known for creating a custom package that fits our customer's needs and budget. We were approached by the great people at The Best Damn Book Box  to create a custom box for their book subscription service. They were looking for an economical, environmentally friendly package that could convey their brand. We listened to their needs and this is the end result.

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5 Retail Packaging Best Practices

07/27/16 at 12:28 PM

Shelf space in the retail world is the best opportunity to capture your audience. In today's fast-paced retail environment you have to make sure your packaging is well stocked and communicates your brand clearly. Below are 5 best practices for your retail package.

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3 Must Haves for Powerful Packaging Design

03/08/16 at 10:21 AM

It's an age old story. Company develops an amazing product, develops an amazing marketing campaign but overlooks the impact of product packaging. By the time many companies get to packaging they are rushing to fulfill orders and want to cut corners. We are here to remind you that PACKAGING SELLS! Below are three important things to consider when designing your product packaging. 

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Use Your Packaging to Build Social Media Presense

12/17/15 at 07:47 AM

 We all know that visual branding on packaging drives customer engagement, but many are missing an opportunity to use packaging to drive website and social media engagement. Creating a multi platform tie in with your packaging is a step that shouldn't be ignored. 

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Is That Really Direct Print?

09/09/15 at 06:19 AM

Is that REALLY direct print? We get that question alot when people visit our design showroom. The answer is YES. Packaging designers and brand managers no longer have to buy roll upon roll of pre print to get the print quality they destire. 

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Corrugated is the Most Recycled Packaging Material

05/28/15 at 02:22 PM

This the 4th year in a row corrugated holds its place as the most recycled packaging material. According to a survey conducted by The American Forest & Paper Association the recovery rate for old corrugated containers (OCC) has hovered right around the 90% mark – that’s 90% of the corrugated produced in the U.S. successfully recovered for recycling, leaving a smaller environmental impact on our planet than any other packaging material. According to "Corrugated packaging has long been the hero of recycling efforts in the United States, and according to the U.S. EPA, the recovery of corrugated packaging far outstrips that of other packaging materials. In 2012, the EPA published a municipal waste characterization report showing that corrugated accounted for 74.6% of the packaging that was recovered for recycling. Far behind, 8.3% of recovered packaging was glass; 4.9% plastic; 4.4% metal; and 7.8% “all other” packaging materials."

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Fold N' Play Speakers! LOVE IT!

05/04/15 at 06:05 AM

We obviously love all things corrugated, but this invention blew our minds! Check out these speakers. They are made out of 70% post consumer recycled material, require no external power, and fold and unfold like origami. You can pick some up here. Check out the video below. 

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The Reach of Corrugated in Branding

01/20/15 at 01:48 PM

Statistics continue to show the power of packaging in today's marketplace. Consumers are responding to messaging on packaging more than ever before. At Deline Box we produce amazing corrugated packaging projects that convey branding messages in colorful, graphic ways. 

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DeLine Supports 9Cares

11/20/14 at 09:12 AM


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Packaging Idea of the Week

10/21/14 at 09:32 AM

Talk about form meeting function. Check out PACKTASCHE. 

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10th Mountain Project Spotlight

09/15/14 at 01:13 PM

We were approached by the great people at 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirits. They were looking for branding and packaging to make their product shine on shelves. Our designers and brand specialists got to work and this is the end result. The great thing about this project was that we created a cohesiveness from their website to their packaging. Check out their website at This project proves the point that branding you product in a dynamic way doesn't have to break the bank. For more information on this project contact us here.

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DeLine Box Receives Top Service Awards

06/09/14 at 03:08 PM

DeLine Box was the proud recipient of two awards from Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Division and Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Business Unit. The awards were in recognition of exceptional service, quality and delivery. 

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Montana Mex Salt Seasonings

05/14/14 at 03:05 PM

Montana Mex Salt SeasoningsWe were approached by the amazing team at Montana Mex Salt Seasonings. They were in search of packaging that would offer graphic branding and be comprised of 100% post consumer recycled material. This package is a truly sustainable package that boasts the Forest Guard seal of approval!

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Consumers Expect Packaging to Explain Recyclability

11/04/13 at 09:57 AM

A new survey conducted by Research Data + Insights, on behalf of the Carton Council of North America (CCNA), shows that consumers “overwhelmingly” believe product companies and their brands play a crucial role in recycling. In the survey, 86% responded that they expect food and beverage brands to actively help increase the recycling of their packages.

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Packaging Fail of the Week

10/22/13 at 02:27 PM
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Now THAT is Branding! The Gaylord Box

10/16/13 at 09:48 AM

If you have ever had the thought that packaging and brand identity have little to do with each other, think again.  Let's begin with a question. 

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Is Walmart Committed to Building American Manufacturing? Find Out for Yourself

08/20/13 at 10:06 AM

Americans have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. Manufacturers in particular have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. Earlier this year Bill Simons made a commitment to boost America's retail manufacturing by buying

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Upgrading Your Box Without Upgrading Your Price

08/16/13 at 02:34 PM

Retailers choose items in stores that feature the product on their packaging. This is a fact. For many manufacturers the thought of updgrading packaging is a daunting thought. It doesn't have to be. When we were approached by Made in Nature they wanted a greener package that featured their product on store shelves. This was acheived in a few simple steps that didn't break the bank. 

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